"Fly fishing breathing nature and fresh air, feeling only the sounds of water and mountains, approach to happiness!"


There are plenty of perfect scenarios for fly fishing at the Pyrenees of Lleida, where you are surrounded by magnificent and awesome nature and landscapes.


Within the High Pyrenees’s Natural Park, rivers and lakes with crystalline water are easy to find, all of them abundantly and naturally replete of autochthonous and wild ‘fario’ river trouts.

I am pleased to offer you my services as professional guide, which can be adapted to your level and wishes. Lots of years of experience make me able to provide you with memorable moments on the river as well as on the riverside.


I can lead you to quiet places, surrounded by an unspeakable beauty and a special charm.


  • Fishing on high mountain lakes: "Salvelinus fontinalis"

  • Fishing equipment renting.

Free of charge:​

  • License acquisition and cotos.

  • Booking of your accommodation.

  • Budget for ‘customized services’.

Below you can find some useful information about the fishing season:

  • Fishing season low mountains: middle of March to middle of October.

  • Fishing season high mountains: middle of May to middle of October.

  • Three fishermen group as maximum for a day.

  • Full day journey/excursion.

  • Techniques: basically dry fly fishing, but also dropper fishing, two nymphs and sight nymph fishing. This will be assessed according to the part of the season and the fishing location.

  • Fish: autochthonous ‘fario’ trout and Salvelinus fontinalis.


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